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About Street Visions

Looking for a mechanic that treats people like the mechanics used to do back in the day? You know, the old fashioned service where you could come and have cup of coffee and have an honest conversation about what is wrong with your car? So did we! That is why we founded Streetvisions back in 2003.

After having worked in the automotive industry we were sometimes shocked by the “push” that most dealerships and larger shops are forced to do in order to meet their numbers. Where the business is all about meeting the figures instead of meeting the needs of clients. This is where we decided we wanted to make a stand, and what better way to do that than to lead by example. 
Here is what we expect our customers to experience when they come see us at our used car lot and car repair shop. Trust, comfort, honesty and if you have time a cup of coffee combined with a good conversation. 


Our People

Lisa / Founder
Lisa has extensive experience in customer service and used car sales while working for several local dealerships and shops. If anyone knows a great deal when she sees it, it would be Lisa. This is exactly why you should talk to Lisa if you are even as much as thinking about buying a used car, when she makes a great deal on a used car, then you are guaranteed to get a great deal on a car!

Kraig / founder
With over 30 years experience doing body, mechanical and restoration work you know that your car is in good hands with Kraig. As our “broke down gofer” he is the one you will be seeing if you ever need your car picked up, with a smile and a few jokes he will have you smiling about getting your car back quickly. Since he also has extensive experience in car sales he will also take good care of you when you come in to look at one of the cars that he just made look nice.

Andrew (Andy) / Mechanic
Andy “the father” has over 50 years experience with fixing up cars. He knows classics as well as the new modern computerized vehicles, even though his favorites are still the classics. Bring in your classic car and you will see Andy get excited because not only does he get to take a trip down memory lane but he also is the perfect guy to get your “baby” all fixed up. There are not many people left doing work on cars that can say they worked on the classics, while they were new!

Sean / Mechanic
Amazingly he has over 15 years experience working with cars, with the love he has for cars you know that your car is in good hands when Sean is working on it. They say food is better when made with love, Sean believes that with love of cars you will be a better mechanic because you care about every part of the car as a whole, not just what needs to be fixed. Want you car running like it´s new again, not many people will out-do Sean with getting your car to peak performance. 

Jim / Sales and purchasing
Want to meet a guy that has seen every in and out of selling cars? Then Jim is the guy for you to talk to. Starting at age 7 emptying trash cans and making coffee at his dad’s dealership Jim has seen, heard and experienced it all. Since 1975 Jim has been in the car sales industry, as a sales person working for his dad to owning a dealership of his own. If someone really eats, drinks, sleeps and breathes car sales and finding great deals on cars, his name would be Jim and you would find him behind his desk looking for the next great deal!

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